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Pools list
The pools list allows you to view all the pool records in your account. You can search for pools by typing part of the name of a linked contact, the ID, the address or the name given to identify the pool and can filter by tag.

You can import and export your pool records as a CSV file and can download a sample Excel spreadsheet to ensure correct formatting of your data.

Add a new pool
In creating a new pool, start by using search field to link one or more of your contacts to the pool, or create a new contact for the pool. Linking a contact enables you to send the invoice to that contact. Bills can be split between multiple contacts. If a pool changes hands, just unlink the old contact and link the new one. You can specify the contact’s relationship to the pool as an owner, tenant or agent or can leave it unspecified as others.

Pool details
Use the search address field to ensure accurate geolocation information, this will allow for more reliable routing of your technicians via the mobile app. Tags can be added to the pool to help you categorise and filter your data.

Pool specifications
Pooltrackr needs to know the volume, surface and sanitiser used before recommendations can be provided but you can also add further details such as the pool’s location, classification, ground level, filter type and more. Volume can be calculated using the volume calculator.

These characteristics can be used to set exceptions for the various chemical tests and adjust the min, max and targets.

Example: you might set an exception in Setup > Water testing > Chemical tests where Free Chlorine is run at a lower level for commercial pools. When Pooltrackr sees a pool with its classification set as Commercial, it will alter the Free Chlorine recommendation accordingly.

Keys can be set If you use key numbers for house keys/pool gates. These will be shown as part of the any job details for that pool in the technician’s mobile app.

Once the pool is saved, you’ll be able to add equipment information to the pool and can also add photos of the pool and its equipment.


You will need to set the Volume, Surface and Sanitiser before you can save the pool. If you don’t know this data - enter the most common pool specs in these fields (volume: 40000L - Surface: Pebblecrete - Sanitiser: Salt 4000) and make a note in the pool notes section to ensure your tech updates this information when they service the pool.


Ask your techs to take a photo of the pool itself and associated equipment when they arrive on site so you can maintaina visual record

Pool details
When accessing details of a pool you will also see tabs across the top of the screen providing access to other areas relating to the pools activity in the system.
  1. Jobs - view all jobs scheduled for selected pool
  2. Quotes - view any quotes issued to selected pool
  3. Invoices - view any invoices sent to selected pool
  4. Water tests - view water tests taken for the pool. Water tests taken in store can be resent and redownloaded and can be identified by the download icon
  5. Job photos - view any photos taken as part of a service job done for the pool

Within the pool details section you can manage the contacts linked to the pool and update any of the pool’s specifications.

The searchable notes section in the right hand sidebar allows notes and attachments to be added in relation to the pool.

You can use the data management section to export the pool details in CSV format or to permanently delete the pool from your records.

Pool tabs

  • Jobs: Shows the list of all jobs for the pool and their details and status
  • Quotes:  Shows the list of all quotes for the pool and their details and status
  • Invoices:  Shows the list of all invoices for the pool and their details and status
  • Water tests: Shows a table, and graph view of historical water tests
  • Job photos: Shows all job photos for the pool
  • Logs: Shows a full activity feed for the pool

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