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Find your customer

  1. Use the search field to find the pool whose water you want to test.
  2. You can filter the list by tags to further refine the results and click column headers to reorder the results.
  3. Click the water test icon to go directly to the water testing screen or the edit icon to update the pool details.
  4. Clicking a row expands the view and provides more information on the pool.

Click the New contact button to add a new customer to the system

Create a new customer
  1. Click the New contact button
  2. Add your customers’ name and address and any other information you may have about them.
  3. Adding a phone number allows you to contact them via SMS through Pooltrackr and you can add a label to the numbers to allow you to more easily identify them.
  4. After clicking Create, a pool will be created at the address you entered or you can use the search field to link the customer to a pool you already have in the system or can create a new pool at a different address.
  5. The customer can be linked to multiple pools (eg. in the case of a manager of a resort) and a pool can be linked to multiple contacts (eg an owner, a tenant and an agent).

Using the address search function ensures accurate location data when scheduling jobs for the customer.


Contact name: this field relates to the Xero integration and will be populated automatically if you don’t enter a value

 Trading terms: You can apply different trading terms to customers which will affect their invoice due date, new trading terms can be added here.

Comms preference: This allows you to specify whether you want to email the customer through the platform. Do not send means the invoice will not be emailed to the customer, and will instead go to the ‘Invoices ready to send’ section. From here you can print it, download it, mark it as sent or mark it as entered. We recommend using this option:

  1. If you want to print invoices.
  2. If you want to send invoices from another platform.
  3. If you want to batch invoices in another platform at the end of the billing period.

Water test reminder preference: Check to specify how the customer would like to be reminded of their next water test. You can adjust the content of the messages they’ll receive and change the interval between water tests here

Contact notes: these are for your internal reference and are also visible to technicians via the mobile app.

Tags: these allow you to apply one or more keywords to help categorise a customer to allow to search and filter on these characteristics if required.

Connect Xpress Flex

Take a test

  1. Load your test strips into the strip clip
  2. Ensure the strip codes match those shown on the bottom of the container.
  3. Click the arrows icon to change to a different code than the one displayed.
  4. Click Start button when you are ready to dip the strips into the water sample, then follow the instructions 
  5. The system will analyse the water and provide a breakdown of your test results.
  6. Click Process results to use the results from the Xpress Flex in Pooltrackr Lab
Please note
  • XFConnect software is currently only compatible with Windows 10 and later
  • You may need to run the application as an administrator and also keep the tray empty and pushed in when the unit is first connected
  • Dipping for the right amount of time is important. If testing the same sample, use a fresh sample from the same bottle.
  • To avoid an optical error, keep the test strip shuttle empty and pushed in before powering up the unit (including if the computer is restarted).
Connect Spin Touch
  1. Click "Connect to another device" and select Spin Touch. Make sure you have WaterLink Connect 2 installed
    Download the latest version of WaterLink Connect 2
  2. The system will automatically select the Sanitiser type for you
  3. Select the Disk type
  4. Click "Sync Spin Touch"
This will start the Spin testing, which will take approximately 1 minute, then the results will automatically be added. While the Spin is testing, you can use the time to enter and Observation tests
Having issues? Read this Troubleshooting Guide
Taking a test
Before taking the test, ensure the pool volume, surface and sanitiser information is correct. Click Edit pool to update if necessary.

Water test 
Enter test results manually or sync with your preferred water testing device. Hovering your cursor over the fields will show the min/max/target for that test. You’ll see an arrow next to the field to indicate that the test result is high or low and a check mark when the result is within normal range.

Click Add chemical tests if you are testing for anything not already shown.

Use the switches to add any observations and click Add observation tests for more observation options. You can add observations in Setup > Water testing > Observation tests and group together observation tests by clicking the Observation categories tab.

When recommendations are shown you have the ability see the test result that led to the recommendation and the target (1) and will be able to select a dosage group from the drop-down menu (2) if you have multiple dosage groups that address the issue. You can edit the action that the customer is required to take (3) and can hide it from the report entirely by clicking the switch (4).
Sending reports to customers

After taking a test and generating the report you'll be able to provide the customer with their report in a number of ways:

  • Print
  • Email
  • SMS

The water test results will now be stored against the customer's pool record and can be accessed by navigating to their pool and clicking the Water tests tab. Water test performed in-store can be identified by the download icon and can be downloaded and resent to the customer. 

Printing water test results 

To print out a copy of the report to provide to your customer, click the Print icon at the top of the report preview panel then print to your chosen destination. If you want to adapt the layout of the report you can click the Back button to return to the Water test screen then click Configure layout to select an alternative layout. 

Sending via email 

In the send via email panel you can see the message that will appear on the email that your customers will see. This can be adjusted at a global level by going to Setup > Lab > Email 

You can use the merge tags detailed in the Personalising customer communications section to show data relevant to your customer. The customer's email address will show in the Email field if it is in the system and you can add more recipients by entering email addresses into the Enter CC emails field, pressing enter after typing each email. 

Sending via SMS 

You can also SMS the report to the customer if you have SMS credits available [LINK TO RELEVANT SECTION - Adding SMS packs]. You will be able to send an SMS to any linked contacts capable of receiving them and can edit the customer's details inline to add a mobile phone number. With a limit of 130 characters for SMS, it's important to keep messages brief and allow for the inclusion of a 10 character URL [fact check].

Viewing water test history

Click the test history tab to view the water test history for the pool. You'll be able to see the results for each test in a graph format or a detail view.

Graphs view

Use the date selectors to view data for a specific date range.

You will see a graph for each test recorded for the pool and can hover your cursor over the graph to see more detail on the value recorded and the date of the test.

Details view

This view shows the entire test history for the in a table format which can be:

  1. filtered to show tests within a specific date range
  2. exported in CSV format
  3. resent to the customer or downloaded as a PDF

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