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Contacts list
The contact list show all your contacts searchable by typing part of their name, company name, ID, address or email address and can also filter by tag. You can import and export your contact records as a CSV file and can download a sample Excel spreadsheet to ensure correct formatting of your data. Our cheat sheet guide is available to provide more information on the data import process.

Clicking a row will expand the contact record allowing you to see more details about the contact. Click View details to open the contact details screen.
Add a new contact
In adding a new contact, fill out the contact details for the pool owner (Individual) or liaison (Company). Adding a mobile phone number will allow you to provide your customer with their water test results, booking reminders and other communications via SMS - multiple phone numbers can be added for a contact and labels can be set for easier identification.

You can enter the address manually or use the Address search feature to automatically fill the fields - this is recommended as it ensures more accurate geolocation data.

Other information that can be captured include

  1. Trading term: Contacts will be assigned the default trading term as defined in Setup > Jobs > Trading terms - other training terms can be created if you have contacts with different payment arrangements
  2. Comms preference: You have two options for your communications or 'Comms' preference. We recommend email – it’s quick, traceable and paper free! But if your contact prefers a hard copy, selecting 'do not send' will allow you to print the invoice out. 
  3. Water test reminder preference: You can specify whether your contact will receive water test reminders via email or SMS or both. Water test reminder communication preferences can be configured in Setup > Lab
  4. Contact notes: These remain internal and are viewable by the tech within the mobile app - useful for noting any customer preferences such as whether they like to be called on approach.
  5. Tags: These can be added to the contact to help you categorise and filter your customer records

Linking a pool

Use the search field to link your new contact to a pool that already exists in your system. Otherwise click the Create pool for the contact button and complete the pool details form, entering the address, volume, surface and sanitiser at a minimum.


You will need to set the Volume, Surface and Sanitiser before you can save the pool. If you don’t know this data - enter the most common pool specs in these fields (volume: 40000L - Surface: Pebblecrete - Sanitiser: Salt 4000) and make a note in the pool notes section to ensure your tech updates this information when they service the pool.
Contact details
When accessing details of a contact you will also see tabs across the top of the screen providing access to other areas relating to the contact's activity in the system.
  1. Jobs - view all jobs scheduled for selected contact and the status of these jobs
  2. Quotes - view any quotes issued to selected contact
  3. Invoices - view any invoices sent to selected contact

Within the contact details section you can manage the pools and spas linked to the contact.

The searchable notes section in the right hand sidebar allows notes and attachments to be added in relation to the contact.

You can use the data management section to export the contact's details in CSV format or to permanently delete the contact from your records.

Contact tabs

  • Jobs: Shows the list of all jobs for the contact and their details and status
  • Quotes:  Shows the list of all quotes for the contact and their details and status
  • Invoices:  Shows the list of all invoices for the contact and their details and status
  • Logs: Shows a full activity feed for the contact

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