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Invoices ready to send

Are you ready to send an invoice? 

Invoices accessed by clicking on the dollar sign in your menu appear in this list for one of two reasons:

  1. The contact does not have an email associated with their account, so Sending an e-invoice is not possible.
  2. In contact settings, you have selected ‘do not send’ as their communications preference. 

To open and preview the invoice, Click on it. This will direct you to a page, which offers you the option to export the invoice to Xero, or to preview it as a PDF.

There are also a series of tasks you can perform on each invoice here, by clicking the cog on the right hand side-

Download as PDF: This function does exactly as it says, click View Invoice as PDF and it will generate a PDF invoice. 

Once you click on the View Invoice as PDF button, a floppy disk Icon on the upper will appear right side of the menu which let you save the your invoice on your computer.

Print: This button will initiate your computer’s printing process.

Print and mark as sent: This button will initiate printing, and move the invoice to the ‘invoices sent’ tab.

Mark as sent: By clicking this, you inform the system you’ve sent the invoice to the client without using Pooltrackr, and move it to the ‘invoices sent’ list.

Mark as entered: If you use another accounting software, this is a useful tool to keep your Pooltrackr records up to date. Marking something as entered brings a green stamp icon to the left of the job, and shows that you have recorded the invoice in another place. 

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