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Invoice setup

So you want to set up a template for the invoices and job sheets that are sent to your customers?

To begin set up, click the 'My Account' icon in the menu and go to the 'Invoices' tab. Here you'll be able to make overall changes to your communcations but these can also be configured at the point of send out your quotes or invoices.

Brand theme

Adjust the accent colour on your emails and PDFs to align with your organisation's brand by using the colour picker or entering a hex code:

Job sheet settings

Switching on Show job sheet ensures that customers will receive a full service report attached the emails they receive from you and will also reveal controls to allow you to customise the inclusions on your job sheets.

Invoice settings

Invoices will be sent to contacts by default unless you've set their Comms preference to "Do not send" or switch off "Show invoice". In this section you can also specify a prefix for all your invoice numbers.

Personalising Customer Communications

These are pre-populated merge tags you can use in your invoicing. When you copy and paste these tags into your introduction message they'll be replaced with the associated information relevant to the job you are invoicing.

Introduction Message

This message is displayed on invoice emails and PDFs. Use the merge tags to personalise the message you send to your customers. This message can also be changed for each invoice recipient at the point of sending the invoice.

Receiving Payment from Customers

Provide information to your customers on how you'd like to receive payment. These will be displayed at the bottom of your invoice PDF. Make sure the details are all correct – we wouldn’t want the money ending up in the wrong place!

You can also specify the payment terms by entering the number of days until the invoice must be paid. This is reflected on the invoice due date details.

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