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Quote list
The quotes list allows you to view all quotes that have been generated through the system. You can search for quotes by typing the name of the contact or job template and can filter by status or tag. You can also use the date fields to show quotes generated within a particular date range.

Quotes have the following statuses.
Draft: this status is shown when a quote has been created but not yet sent to the customer. Draft quotes can be approved by a portal admin and scheduled as a job
Approved: this status indicates that the quote has been accepted by the customer and is ready to be scheduled.
Rejected: this status shows that the customer has not accepted the quote and it can be archived by the organisation.
Creating a quote
  1. Click the new quote button
  2. Select a pool and contact then choose the job type
  3. Notes can be added - these remain internal and are not visible to the customer. Quote notes become job notes when the quote has been approved and scheduled so are often used as a way for the portal admins to communicate to the techs in relation to the work that needs to be carried out.
  4. The tasks and line items for the the selected job template will show and these can be edited as required. Clicking add task allows you to specify additional tasks to be done as part of the job and clicking add item allows you to add more line items from your product list.
  5. Once you’re done you can save the quote as draft or preview and send to your customer.
Preview & send quote
In previewing and sending a quote you have the ability to change the recipient to another contact linked to the pool and can enter additional email addresses to send the quote to.

The quote message will show content defined in Setup > Quotes > Email and can be adjusted to suit. Click the preview button to see how your quote will appear to your customers and click send when you’re ready to issue the quote.

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