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This section enables you to add / remove users, and set permissions as to what they can do in the platform.


Users are anyone that needs access to the portal. They will be shown in logs and reporting.

To create a new user, simply go to SETUP > Team > Users and press "Add user".

Then just fill in the required information and working hours. 


Roles are permissions that can be applied to users. You can create as many roles as you need, and just assign them to the required users. It means that you can quickly assign permissions to users, by associating them with a role.

Create a role

  1. Go to Team > Roles

  2. Click Add role

  3. Check the permissions you would like enabled

  4. Press save

Update a role

  1. Go to Team > Roles

  2. Click on an existing role

  3. Update the name / permissions 

  4. Press save


Updating a role will affect all active users assigned to this role.

Delete a role

  1. Go to Team > Roles

  2. Click on an existing role

  3. Click Delete

  4. Press OK

Tips and tricks

You cannot delete roles that are already assigned to users. Please assign the users to other roles, then click delete.


This section is designed for businesses with multiple locations. Locations can be assigned to users and customers to assist in reporting.

What locations do

  • Locations can be assigned to customers for enhanced reporting and comms
  • Locations are auto-assigned to customers based on the user location
  • The location details of the logged in user will show on the bottom of the water test report
  • Emailed water test reports will be sent from the location email, rather than the business email

Create a location

  1. Click Add location
  2. Enter the location details
  3. Assign users to location

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