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Data cleaning


The data cleaning section enables you to find and merge duplicate entries within your contacts and pools lists.

Finding duplicates
Step 1: Select all options in the "Filter" section. This will show any records that match on all this criteria

 Step 2: Gradually switch off different combinations of filters and check your results.

Merging duplicates
Once you have found duplicates, you can start to merge them together

Set as primary: The first record in the list will be chosen as the primary, however you can assign which record you would like to be the master using this function.

Ignore: This will remove the contact from the list, so it will not be deduplicated.

Edit data: You can edit the primary record data to dictate what the final deduplicated record looks like.

Merge: Once you are ready, you can click "Merge" which will combine all the chosen records, into a single record. All the associated records, such as quotes and invoices, will be moved to the primary record.

Automatic de-duplication


We recommend using the manual deduplication tool, and identifying the best rule before using this function. You cannot undo this action, so you need to make sure that anything that will be merged, should be merged.

Clicking the Automatic de-duplication button will show you the same filters you can see in the manual de-duplication section. Once you have chosen the filters, you can proceed. You will not be given the choice as to which data to retain per record group, it will default to the first record in the group.

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