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How to link a contact to a pool.

So you would like to set up an Agency contact and tenant/owner for one pool?

1. Create a tenant contact.

To start, click the 'Contacts' icon in the icon bar.

After you have reached the contact list, to add new contacts, you can click the ‘add new contact’ button in the top right-hand of the page.

Contact Details: Fill out the contact details for the pool tenant (Individual). You can use the 'Address search' feature to automatically fill the address fields, or enter manually. In the ‘Notes’ section, you have the ability to add any important information about the contact.

Linked Pools section: If you fill all required fields, go to the Linked Pools section at the bottom of the page.

Create a new pool at this address

Click the Create a new pool at this address button if you don't have a pool in the system

Clicking the Save button you create a new contact and a new pool they will be linked to each other.

After saving you can get back to the Contact details page to make sure the contact was linked to the new pool.

Link an existing pool:

Clicking this button you link a new contact to an existing pool. You need to choose a pool from the Pool list:

When you choose the pool, click the Save button.

If you need to link 2 or pools:

Select a contact and go to the Contact details page

Scroll down to the Linked Pools section;

Click the Link another pool button

Choose an existing pool from the Pool list or create a new one by clicking the Add new pool button:

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