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Completing a job

Job clock

Click start timer to start the job clock. 

  • Restart: Reset the timer to zero disregarding any time already logged
  • Stop: Stop the job clock
  • Pause:Pause the timer, you can resume it at any time

The timer will stop when the technician hits JOB COMPLETE or invoices the job.

Pools / contacts / comms

From within the job, you can use the tabbed menu at the top of the screen to edit the associated pool and contact. You can also send an SMS direct to the customer in the Comms tab.

GPS navigation

Click on the address in the top header. This will show you the job location on a map. Click the DIRECTIONS button to navigate to the job address.


The task list will show all the tasks required for the job as defined in the job template. You can tick them to mark them as complete, otherwise edit them delete them or add your own. 

Tasks that have been ticked off will show on the customer's job sheet unless you decide to configure the report to hide them.


You can add photos to the job from your camera or gallery. These photos will be sent to the customer as part of the invoice email and stored in the Job Photos section against the pool record in the portal.  


You can also add photos relating to the customer's pool and their equipment in the POOL tab.

Any photos you add when editing the pool information remain internal only.

Water test

Switch on Include chemical test to test the water. You'll see the Volume, Surface and Sanitiser in the POOL INFO section - if these are incorrect or incomplete you can add or update this information by tapping the POOL tab.

You can sync via Bluetooth with a Spin Touch or Palintest device and follow the prompts to send test results to the app, or enter a test result manually or by using the slider control. You’ll get an indication of whether the result is low or high. You can add any other tests that you’re wanting to capture and can use the switches to record any observations.


Recommendations are shown if test results are out of range or when observations are checked. And here you can change the product if there are more than one that address the issue, and the recommended amount will change accordingly. 

You can edit the recommendation if required and can tap the product button to add this to the invoice.

Recommendations show as chemical actions against the test result on the customer's job sheet.


Invoice line item titles, quantities and prices can be edited by tapping on the field and other products can be added to the invoice.

Any notes that you want to appear on the customer’s invoice can be entered and these are carried through to integrated Xero and Vend accounts.

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