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Batch billing

Batch billing enables you to batch together multiple jobs/invoices into a single invoice.


Go to Account > Inv / Quote steup > Batch billing

Job sheet settings

  • Send job sheet on job completion: This setting allows you to send individual job sheets when each job in the batch is closed off.
  • Attach job sheets to batch invoice: This seeting allows you to attach all the relevant job sheets to the batch invoice email when you send it to the customer.

Invoice settings

This section enables you to customised the batch invoices in the same way you can customise normal invoices. 

Additional settings are

  • Attach individual invoices to batch invoices: This setting means that all individual invoices, plus the batch invoice will be sent to customer when the jobs are batched.
  • Invoice prefix: It is important to set this as different to the normal invoice prefix, so that they do not overlap.

Creating batch customers

Open the relevant contact as switch the "Batch bill" switch on. From that point on, all customer invoices for that contact will be added to the batch queue.

How to batch

Processing invoices

You will follow the normal process when processing a job. When it comes to generating the invoice, you will be given 2 options.

  1. Send job sheet: This will email the job sheet to the customer and add the invoice to the batch queue.
  2. Mark as batch: This will just add the invoice to the batch queue and send nothing to the customer.

Batching invoices

Go to Invoices > Batch queue. Here you will see a list of all the invoices ready to be batched, grouped by customer.

To create a batch invoice, expand the customer and tick all the invoices you want to batch. Then press preview batch invoice.

This will take you to a standard invoice screen, the key difference being that the individual invoices will be the line items, rather than individual products. 

NOTE: If you are using Xero integration, we will send all products sold, with a divider to show what is related to each job.

You will also be able to decide whether you want to attach the individual invoices and job sheets before invoicing.

After batching

Batch invoices

This section will show you all of the invoices that have been batched. The format is the same as the Invoices section. If you delete a batch invoice, it will add the associated invoices back into the batch queue.

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