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Splitting a Payment

So you would like to split a job? 

  1. The first step is to click on 'Jobs' in the icon section.
  2. When you are able to view the jobs, click on the one you are wanting to edit. You will be taken to a tab called 'Edit job'.  
  3. Go to the 'Invoice' section and type in the items you are looking to purchase. 
  4. Once you are finished editing these items, go to the end of the page and under SMS Setup will be a drop-down menu. Click on this and change the option to 'Preview & send invoice'. Click the blue 'Submit' box. 
  5. You will be taken to a section titled 'Preview invoice'. Once you are there, go to the section that says 'Invoice to'. There will be a drop-down menu giving you the option to 'Select contact'. 
  6. Choose the contact you would like to split the cost with and click the blue words stating '+ Add selected recipient'. There should now be two names under the section 'Invoice to', they will both have blue numbers on the left side of the name.
  7. Under the section 'Invoice', there will be an option to click on a bubble association a number with a person, look above in the 'Invoice to' section to decipher which person is associated with which number and assign each person their item.
  8. There will be a summary of each seperate invoice below, you will be able to edit this to your liking. When you are satisfied with the state of the invoices scroll to the bottom and either choose to 'Send' or 'Mark as Invoiced'.     
  • There is a differentiation between these two options- 
    • If you choose 'Send' : An email will be sent to the customers based how you have configured the service report. If the invoice is not included it will show on the job board as 'Email sent without invoice'. Invoice and Service Report will still be available to review in the 'Invoices' section.
    • If you choose 'Mark as invoiced' : This generates an invoice and service report but does not send anything to the customer. The Invoice and Service Report will still be available to review in 'Invoices' section.

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