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Sending a quote in the portal

So you would like to send a quote?

There are two ways for you to send a quote.

The first way to send a quote 

  1. Select 'Quotes' from the icon bar.  
  2. From the quotes homepage, you can select the magnifying glass to the far right of the job, which takes you into a quote preview.
  3. Change quote recipient- Here, you can choose which of the contacts linked to the pool receives the quote.
  4. Quote message- This is a template message, which you can create, edit and customise in ‘My account’ under ‘Quote setup’ or ‘Invoice setup’. See the ‘My Account’ section for more details.
  5. Invoice- Here you can see the details of the invoice you are sending. This can be edited by going back to the quotes homepage, selecting a quote and adding or subtracting tasks and hours.
  6. Once you are happy with the quote message and the invoice details, press ‘Send quote’, and it will be sent to the quote recipient ‘Named at the top of the page’.

The second way to send a quote 

  1. Select 'Quotes' from the icon bar.
  2. Click on the quote from the main quotes page. Here, you can see the tasks and invoice. 
  3. Contact details- These can be edited in the ‘Contacts’ section, if you want to change the recipient of your quote. 
  4. Then you can then choose to preview, schedule or send your quote. To edit these fields, you will need to do the first option above.
  5. Once a quote has been sent, you are directed back to the quote home page, where you are given the option to schedule an appointment in the right hand column ‘Actions’. 

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