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Converting quotes to jobs in the portal

So you would like to covert a quote to a job in the portal? 

Once a quote has been approved, the green paper plane will change to a green tick, and you will have the option to schedule a job. This can be done in two ways:

  1. To begin the first way, click on 'Quotes' in the icon bar.  
  2. Click on the small clock icon under ‘Actions’ in the quotes homepage.


  1. To begin the second way, click on 'Quotes' in the icon bar.
  2. Open the quote details, and change the drop down menu at the bottom to say ‘Schedule’. At the bottom of this page there is a ‘Scheduling’ heading. Click ‘Date and time’ to schedule.

You will be directed to a calendar showing all the scheduling for your technicians.

Finding a date: To pick a date for scheduling, use the buttons on the top right (day, week, month) to choose an appropriate date.

Set a time: Once you have found the date you want, double click on it. You will be presented with the option to choose a start time on that particular date. Once you have confirmed your start time, you will be asked to confirm your end time.

Schedule: Once you have confirmed your end time, you will be directed to a ‘Schedule you job’ page. Here, you will see the details of the quote you sent. Down the bottom under ‘Scheduling’, you have the option to edit your date and time by clicking the ‘Date and time’ button.

Recurrence: This is a handy feature for pools that require regular maintenance. To turn on a recurring appointment for the exact same quote, click on the white circle to turn ‘Recurring’ on. You will be then be offered a few options for how frequently you’d like your recurrence to occur. Pick one of the options, or press custom to design your own frequency.

Custom Frequency: To customise your frequency, first pick from the drop down menu for time periods. Then select how often you would like the appointment to repeat. Customise the day on which you want to schedule your appointment, and when you would like the recurrence to end using the drop down menus provided. Then, click 'Create'.

You will be sent back to the ‘Schedule job’ page, where you should press schedule once happy with all the options you have selected.

Calendar View: You will be taken to a calendar view of your appointments, which you can view any time from the jobs tab. 

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