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Creating a quote in the portal

So you would like to create a quote? 

Creating quotes can be done from the home page of the ‘Quotes’ section. To begin, click 'Quotes' in the icon bar. 

In the top right hand corner there is an option to create a ‘New quote’. Click it, and you will be directed to build a quote from scratch.

Quote details: First, you will be directed to select the pool you are quoting for. Once this is done, you will be asked to select the contact associated with that pool who will receive the quote.

Select job type: Next, click the ‘Select job type’ button, which will take you to a page of job templates. You can edit these in the ‘Settings’ tab of the main menu. See the ‘Settings’ section for more information.

Tasks: Once you have selected your job template, you will be see a list of tasks and associated costs. Here, you can add or delete tasks in your quote.

Invoice: In settings, you have created an hourly rate. Here, you can edit that rate, or edit how many hours will be spent on the job. This is also where you will add in items you think will be needed for the job.

If you select the ‘Add item’ button, you will be directed to a page with lists of chemicals, plumbing, equipment and extra fees to add to your invoice. Click on any of the headings to see the options within.

Once you have found the item you wish to add to your invoice, click its name to proceed. It should then appear under ‘Invoice’.

Submit: You are now ready to submit your quote. You can select from the drop down menu here whether to save the quote as a draft (for office or supervisor approval), or to send it to the client. Once you have selected the correct option, press submit. See ‘Sending quotes’ for more details. You will see a green paper plane in the ‘Status’ column once it has been sent.

Archived quotes: Under this tab you will see quotes that have been approved and scheduled. From this page you have the ability to download the quote as a PDF, but cannot make changes to it. 

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