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SMS setup

So you'd like to setup SMS messaging? 

Switching on SMS messaging

  1. Go to 'My Account' in the icon bar 
  2. Click the 'Plan and Payment' tab
  3. Enable SMS messaging
  4. Buy an SMS pack – these packs do not expire
  5. Setup auto-buy if you would like to use this feature

Configure SMS messages

  1. Go to 'My Account' in the icon bar
  2. Click the 'SMS' tab
  3. Switch on the SMS types you would like to use, and edit the templates if required.
    1. Booking reminder: Sent to remind the customer they have a job scheduled
    2. Booking changed: Sent if a booking is changed, after the booking reminder has been sent
    3. Sent when the job is complete
  4. Press save. You can apply your settings to all existing jobs, or just jobs created from that point on. WARNING: switching on messages for active jobs will add any valid contact mobile numbers to the jobs. You may want to check each job to ensure the right numbers have been added

SMS settings within new jobs

Any new jobs will be created with the settings you have setup in the configure SMS messages section. These can be edited and will only affect that job or job series.

Editing SMS setup in existing jobs

Ensure that if you only want to edit the SMS for one job, use the 'Edit job' tab at the top of the page. If you want to edit the SMS for all jobs in the series, use the Edit job series tab at the top of the page.

SMS icon

On any jobs that have SMS switched on, you will see an SMS icon (below). On hover, you will also be able to view the list of SMS notifications that are activated for that job.

Viewing SMS history

At any time, you can view your SMS history. It will show the details of the SMS including whether it delivered successfully. You can edit the send number from this screen and resend if required. You can use the filters in the top right to filter by status. Below is an instructional video detailing SMS notifications: 

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