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Job templates

So you would like to edit a job template? 

Job templates enable you to quickly create quotes and jobs. You can either create your own, edit the existing ones or clone and then edit them.

To begin, click the 'Settings' icon on the icon list on the left side of the page. To create a new template, click 'New template' in the top right hand corner.

  1. Template name: Give the template a name.
  2. Total hours: Estimate how long the job will take. This allows the system to allocate the appropriate duration when scheduling a job although this can be overridden by the user.
  3. Job type: Categorise the template.
  4. Tasks: List all the tasks associated with the job by clicking 'Add task'. You can drag and drop these into the order you require if a specific sequence needs to be followed.
  5. Invoice: List all invoice items associated with the job here.

All of this information can be edited while creating a job or quote, and also while onsite when the technician is doing the job.save your information when you are done! 

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