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Custom Exceptions

So you'd like to set up an exception for a customer? 

Being able to set a custom exception is a useful tool. If a pool you are servicing has an irregular feature that may affect water testing results (e.g. a brass fountain). 

  1. To begin, go to the 'Settings' icon in the icons bar. 
  2. You can create a custom exception in 'Pool characteristics'. 
  3. Once you have done this, go into water testing to set how the feature will affect different chemical levels. 
  4. Once choosing the chemical test it will affect, you can click 'Custom' next to 'Add exception', select the feature, and edit the acceptable result parameters. 

So every time the calculator sees a pool with a custom exception listed, it changes the min, max and target to suit based on what you've set up.  

If there is a pool with 2 exceptions that conflict, the exception with the lowest min will be used.

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