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Water Testing

So you'd like to set up water testing? 

Below are steps so you can setup the chemical and observation tests.

To begin, go to the 'Settings' icon in the icon bar on the top left corner. Click the 'Water testing' tab. 


Chemical tests

Here you can setup the default minimum, maximum and target water results for each of the tests.

The exception column allows you to set exceptions for these tests, based on a known feature which will change results e.g. a brass water fountain. For more information see 'custom exceptions' article.

Observation tests

Observation tests enable the user to add chemicals that are not based on a min, max and target. You can add your own by clicking the ‘add test’ button.

Show by default decides whether the chemical is shown for every water test. If it is switched off, then technicians can manually add the test to the list in the field. 

If you wish to add a new test you can click 'add test' and enter your preference. 


Here, you can set exceptions based on existing surfaces, sanitisers or 'custom exceptions'. For more information see 'custom exceptions'. 

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