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Creating a pool in the portal

So you'd like to create a new pool?

To create a new pool, click on the ‘Add new pool’ button on the top right hand side of the ‘Pools’ page.

Linking an existing contact: 

The top of this page offers you the option to link contacts. Click ‘Add linked contact’ to select from your existing contact list. This means that you can attach an existing contact in your system to a new pool. This function is useful if a pool owner has moved houses, or is responsible for more than one pool (e.g. investment owners). You can search your existing contacts in the search bar located top right corner.

Linking a new contact:

If you don’t have an existing contact for the pool, you can create a new contact in the top right hand corner. For more information on creating a contact, see the ‘Contact’ section. Be sure to assign your pool’s relationship to the contact.

Linking multiple contacts:

If you have the details for both the owner and the tenant, you can click on the pool from your pools list, and select ‘Link another contact’.

Hit save in the top right or at the bottom of the page before moving on.

Address Pool Location: 

Add the address of your new pool here. You can search it by entering the address in the ‘Address search’ bar, or fill it out manually.

Pool Specifications: 

In this section, you can add the details of your pool or spa. 

Pool Volume:

If you click the calculator to the right hand side, you can enter the pool’s length, breadth and depth and for the system to calculate the volume in litres. You can always add this on site if you're not sure.


You can then select the surface of the pool by clicking the ‘Surface’. You can always add this on site if your not sure. In Settings / Pool Characteristics you can add new surfaces. If you are already in the process of creating a pool and need to add a surface, click save on your pool before moving to 'Pool characteristics'. You can come back and edit the pool at any time. 


If you already know the type of sanitiser used in this pool, select ‘Add sanitiser’ and select from the dropdown menu. You can always add this on site if your not sure. In 'Settings / Pool Characteristics' you can add new sanitisiers.

Custom Exception: 

If you have a pool with a specific chemistry requirement, you can create a custom characteristic in 'Settings / Pool Characteristics /Custom'. Then, go into 'Settings/Water Testing' to apply a custom exception to a chemical. Applying this to a pool will override the default min, max and target and any other exceptions.


If you use key numbers for house keys or pool gate keys, list them here. These will then show on the 'Day view' in the portal and in the app.

Pool Notes:

Here you can add anything else your pool technician may need to know about this pool e.g. where keys to the gate are hidden.

Add Photo:

If you wish to add a photo of the pool, click the ‘Browse’ button, which will allow you to search your computer files for a photo to upload. Simply click on the file, and click open. You will receive a notification, letting you know that the photo will be uploaded after the pool is saved.

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