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Editing a pool in the portal

So you'd like to edit a pool? 

To edit a pool, click on it from your pool list (see above ‘Pool list’ for details). Once you click on the pool you will see your pool information, with 5 tabs up the top you can click on to move about.


This is where you can link and unlink contacts and edit pool information such as the address, the pool specifications, and photos. It may be useful to update this after a technician’s first visit to the pool. Make sure to hit save if you change anything! This will take you back to your pool list.


You can view all upcoming jobs associated with the pool. From this page, you can reschedule, edit the recurrence, or erase a job on the right hand column under ‘Actions’.

The circle of arrows on the far left of the job shows you if the appointment is recurring or a one off. For more information, see ‘Job recurrences’.

Creating a new job: 

Here, you can also create a new job for this pool by clicking on the ‘New job’ button in the top right hand corner. For more information about this, see the ‘New job’ section.

Editing a job: 

If you click on a job from the jobs list, you will see and be able to edit all details by scrolling down. Don’t forget to click submit down the bottom. For more information on this, see ‘Editing a job’.


In this tab, you can see all sent invoices. To view a PDF of the invoice, you can press ‘Download PDF’ on the far right under ‘Actions’.


Here, you can see all quotes that you have created for this pool, both open and archived. Click on one from the list to view or edit. More information on this in the 'Quotes' heading.

From here, you can also create a new quote. More information available under the Quotes heading.

Water Tests:

This is where you can examine the results and trends of water tests performed on this pool, based on information entered into a job. To edit these, go to the individual job and change the test results.

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