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Viewing a job in the portal

So you want to view a job? 

Calendar view

When you click on the jobs icon in the menu, you will be directed to a day view calendar. Here, you can see the jobs scheduled for today. You can see your week or month view by selecting them in the top right corner above the calendar. 

List view

You can see a list view of all upcoming jobs, by clicking 'List view' in the top right hand corner. In this view, you can search for a job by contact name, address, or job type. 

Jobs to Invoice

This section shows you a list of all jobs which you could invoice. Click on the magnifying glass in the far right column to preview the job. Make any necessary changes. When you are ready to send the invoice, scroll to the bottom and select 'Preview and send invoice' from the drop down menu, before pressing submit. 

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