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Quote Setup

So you want to set up your quotes to customers?

To begin setting up your team, click on the 'My account' icon on the icon bar. After you have done this, go to the 'Quote setup' tab.

Quote Settings: The first option allows you to show or hide task lists from your quote. The second option gives you the ability to resend quotes if they are not accepted. If you decide to turn this feature on, specify the resend time period and number of repeat sends. Quotes will stop resending once they have been approved by the customer.

Personalising Customer Communications: These are pre-populated merge tags you can use in your quotes. This means that when you copy and paste one of them into your introduction message, it will be replaced with information relevant to the client you are quoting.

Introduction Message: This is the message your customers will see when they receive their quote. Use your pre-populated merge tags to personalise the message you send to your customers.

Email Sign-Off: Toggle this switch to show or hide your email signature (as defined in Invoice Setup) on your quotes.

Preview Email or PDF: You can select either of these buttons to check the changes you’ve made and how they will appear to your customers. Once you are happy, click save. 

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