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Your team

So you want to view and set up your staff?

To begin setting up your team, click on the 'My account' icon on the icon bar. After you have done this, go to the 'Your team' tab.  The immediate screen will be a list of your current registered users.

To add a new user, click ‘Add user’ on the top right hand corner of the ‘Your team’ page. From here, you will be asked to fill in their name, email, and select from three roles in a drop down menu.

Portal adminFull portal access. If you switch on Mobile access, they will also have Technician admin access.

Technician admin: Full mobile access, but no access to the portal.

TechnicianRestricted mobile access. Cannot delete jobs, add pools or contacts. Can only edit pool information for jobs assigned to them. Cannot edit contact details.

From the Your team page, select the clock on the far right of the screen and set both of your working hours.

You will also be asked to generate a password for them, which they can use in to both the mobile and web portal.

Adding user working hours 

Once you have created a user, you can select the clock icon in the actions column to the far right to assign their working days and hours. Click the blue save button when completed! This will feed into the day view of the calendar, with time slots outside of a tech's work hours showing as grey.

Deleting a team member: If you have more than one team member, you can click on the trash icon on the right hand side of any member of staff to remove their access from your business. 

Hiding pricing from team members

In some cases you might want to hide pricing from technicians. To do this simply click on the team member you want to hide pricing from, and click the switch labelled Enable user to view prices and hit Save.

This will mean that no pricing will show up against line items in the invoice section of the mobile app. Technicians will still be able to add custom products to an invoice and specify a price.

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