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Adding new contacts in the portal

So you want to add a new contact into the portal? 

To start, look for the 'Contacts' icon below in the icon bar. 

After you have reached the contact list, to add new contacts, you can click the ‘add new contact’ button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Contact Details: Fill out the contact details for the pool owner (Individual) or liaison (Company). You can use the 'Address search' feature to automatically fill the address fields, or enter manually. In the ‘Notes’ section, you have the ability to add any important information about the contact.

Comms Preference: You have two options for your communications or 'Comms' preference. We recommend email – it’s quick, traceable and paper free! But if you would prefer a hard copy, selecting 'do not send' will allow you to print the invoice out. 

Linked Pool: By clicking on the 'Link an existing pool' button you are given the option to link the new contact with an existing pool, or to create a new pool. 

For more information, see the ‘viewing and editing a pool’ section under the ‘Pool’ heading. 

Make sure you define the relationship between the pool and the contact before saving!

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